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Let's know each other

First, you will fill out a detailed form and we will get to know each other by phone or Zoom. Following this, I build a detailed program that adapts to your tastes, your desires and the demands of the family composition. Everything is flexible and almost everything is possible!


Stay planning may include:

  • The choice of accommodation

  • Airport transportation

  • A choice of suitable restaurants

  • Accurate routes

  • Ticketing and booking links

  • Guide recommendations

  • Tours by cruise, bike or car


Other options

  • Stroller rental for children

  • Order meals for the hotel

  • Balloon orders and other surprises

  • Professional photographer

  • Prepaid SIM card

  • Babysitting service



We meet

Is the program right for you?

I'm waiting for you!


See you when you arrive in Paris and we'll spend some time going over everything. I will share with you my recommendations, my good plans, and I will explain to you how public transport works.

We will take a short tour of your neighborhood to find the nearest bakery or pharmacy. We will also go to the metro station to buy tickets and I will explain how to get around.


You will feel Parisians from day one!



Paris is yours! 


I am available on WhatsApp for any request during your stay! It's your moment, just for you and at your own pace! I remain at your disposal at all times.


If the kids suddenly want to eat, if you want to go shopping, buy toys, rest in a park, I will be available to guide you.


Small last minute changes are quite possible if they are feasible. We will be flexible depending on weather and mood :-)


Close your eyes and open them in Paris

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